As we close the door on Thanksgiving and walk into the Christmas season, I wanted to send you my prescription for peace printable and share a few thoughts that I am reminding myself of right now.

Spend some time praying through the priorities God brings you this season. Here are a few tried and true responses in the season ahead:

  1. Start your day in quiet reflection, Bible reading and prayer – (adding coffee and a fur baby helps too).
  2. When you have a choice to focus on how something looks in your decor, recipes, etc. or looking into the eyes of a friend, family member or neighbor, always choose people over production.
  3. Rest more than you think you need. Exercise and eat right when you can. This will give you more patience and stamina in the season.
  4. Laugh. Don’t underestimate the value of a funny meme, movie or conversation. Laugh out loud. Belly laugh. Even if you’re going through a difficult season, find the joy in the midst. I love the quote from Steel Magnolias … “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.”
  5. Pause to remember the time-stamped moments like rocking a baby, being patient with an aging parent or finding time with out of town guests who live far away.

Let’s make December one to remember because we’ve taken the time to prepare ourselves before it even begins.

Now, let’s go get December!

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