Lisa J. Allen: Speaker | Confidence Builder | Ministry Coach

Hi there! I’m Lisa Allen.
I equip others to identify their God-given wiring and empower them to live confidently in their sphere of influence today.

As a speaker and confidence coach, my goal is to help others …

  • Understand their wiring and gain confidence in who they were created to be.
  • Reignite passion for what they do by identifying their “why.”
  • Avoid burnout by assessing their capacity and focusing their priorities.

Let’s work together!

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I Want to See What You See

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I see you.  A basic human desire is to be seen. I am currently enjoying being a LiLi (Grandma) to our 3 month old grandson, Noah. One of the developmental milestones is when his eyes meet mine and he smiles. He understands how to see faces and, in response, delights in being seen himself. In many ways, everyone we come into contact with is wearing an invisible sign that says “Please see me. Make me feel known and understood.” The…
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