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Who am I becoming?

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Years ago when my husband began to introduce me to the game of golf, he explained the concept of trajectory. If my club face was off just an inch and I was putting a 2 foot putt, I am only off slightly from sinking that ball right into the hole. However, if I am 350 yards away from the green and my club face was off an inch, I am not an inch off but a couple feet off hitting…
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My Calendar … A Prayer Tool?

I’m excited to share how to PRAY YOUR DAY with SHE LAUGHS MINISTRIES COFFEE HOUSE . I’ve included a sneak peak on the blog below. To hear more about this concept, hop on over to: https://shelaughsministries.org/coffeehouse/ I am a leader, speaker and life coach.  My calendar is packed just like yours.  I…
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