What’s your hard thing?  The Last 90 days of 2022
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What’s your hard thing? The Last 90 days of 2022

In 2017 I was rocking things professionally, relationally and spiritually. But, I was not taking care of myself physically. I was sloppy with my eating. My gym was on the opposite side of town from my new office. Once I drove across town at the end of the day, I found myself working out to…

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My Calendar … A Prayer Tool?

I’m excited to share how to PRAY YOUR DAY with SHE LAUGHS MINISTRIES COFFEE HOUSE . I’ve included a sneak peak on the blog below. To hear more about this concept, hop on over to: https://shelaughsministries.org/coffeehouse/ I am a leader, speaker and life coach.  My calendar is packed just like yours.  I have a bent toward action…

The Liberation of Limits

The Liberation of Limits

Liberation:  The act of setting someone free from imprisonment. It sounds like an oxymoron to say that we can become more free by limiting ourselves.  Yes, I’m saying freedom in the same sentence as limits.  It is my sincere desire that we discover (or re-discover) the freedom associated with limiting ourselves. Let’s consider the ways…