Lisa J. Allen: Speaker | Confidence Builder | Ministry Coach

Hi there! I’m Lisa Allen.
I equip others to identify their God-given wiring and empower them to live confidently in their sphere of influence today.

As a speaker and group coach, my goal is to help others …

  • Understand their wiring and gain confidence in who they were created to be.
  • Reignite passion for what they do by identifying their “why.”
  • Avoid burnout by assessing their capacity and focusing their priorities.

Let’s work together!

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Let’s Stop Trying to Please the Crowds this Christmas

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I have a daily Bible reading plan that isn’t associated with any specific date around Christmas. This morning, it was an Easter story that God used to help guide me into the Christmas Season. Mark 15:15 finds Pontius Pilate looking for a way to exchange Barabbas to be executed rather than Jesus. However, Pontius Pilate was a crowd pleaser. Left to the whims of the crowd, Instead of the choosing the guilty prisoner, Barabbas, the crowd demanded Jesus. Wanting to…
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