Lisa J. Allen: Speaker | Confidence Builder | Ministry Coach

Hi there! I’m Lisa Allen.
I equip others to identify their God-given wiring and empower them to live confidently in their sphere of influence today.

As a speaker and group coach, my goal is to help others …

  • Understand their wiring and gain confidence in who they were created to be.
  • Reignite passion for what they do by identifying their “why.”
  • Avoid burnout by assessing their capacity and focusing their priorities.

Let’s work together!

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Do You Need a Life Coach?

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Do You Need a Life Coach?   If you had asked me this question several years ago, I would have said no…then I found myself faced with a series of crossroads and transitions (some by my choice and others not).  I was overwhelmed.  Now, not to sound arrogant, but I am not the kind of gal that is afraid of decisions, taking action or the discipline required to map out a strategy to achieve a goal.  However, this season of my life took me…
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