This is the time of year that we all start planning for goals. I love goal setting and love helping other’s with their goal setting even more. For years, I used the acronym SMART for goals.


But over the years, I have written my own version of this acronym to guide my goals called “SMART-ER” goals:


We all need to be SELECTIVE so we don’t get frustrated with too many goals. Each goal selected needs broken down into MICRO steps from the macro goal. Our goals need AIMED at our why: EX: I want better health and energy to outrun my grandkids/kids or I want to save for retirement so I can travel and not just survive, etc. We hold our goals loosely and are willing to REWRITE them when life gets in the way. Don’t abandon them rewrite and revise them. Then we need to TELL SOMEONE who is for us. Someone we trust that wants our best because accountability helps us achieve more. Next is some self-reflection as we EVALUATE where we’ve tripped in the past and plan around obstacles that we can predict. Then, my favorite part, REWARD yourself with a small gesture. It could be a special candle with your favorite scent that is only lit when you achieve a small victory. It could be lunch w a friend or a treat you’ve been saving for.

I hope this helps you as you plan for 2023. And I would love to be part of your 2023. If you are an event planner or would share this with your church’s event planner, I am available to speak at women’s events, conferences, workshops and retreats. I am also booking a few new coaching clients and have started working more specifically with Women’s Ministry Leaders, Ministry Leaders and Pastor’s Wives. If you or someone you know needs a speaker or coach, please forward this to them. Happy New Year and thank you for spending time with me today.

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