Our days will be spent and naturally tire us out. However, we can find the secret between being the best tired using our passions and gifts each day rather than the stressed tired that comes from worldly pursuits or tasks outside of our passions and design. Learning this is the secret to being fueled or fatigued … being driven or drained. The closer you are to finding a purposeful expression of your passions, the more balanced you will begin to feel. Your life passions will still make you tired, but it will be the best tired you have ever felt. The opposite is also true. When you spend the majority of your days performing draining tasks, you will be tired, but it will be your stressed tired.

Now, this is not a permission slip to get out of doing your taxes, emptying your dishwasher, folding laundry, filling out weekly job reports or making your kids’ lunches. No one has the spiritual gift of doing laundry. Nor is it a suggestion to quit your job that your family depends on.

But, when you you learn what your passionate purpose is, combined with showing up using your strengths throughout your day, you will hit the sweet spot of the best tired you will ever feel. Most of the world does not have the privilege of doing what they love as a full time job and get paid for it. If you do or can, you are truly fortunate. However, even if you are in a corporate job because your family needs the salary and benefits, yet you desire to build a ministry for foster kids, you can counter-balance the stress of your daily work tasks by establishing a side hustle of sorts to learn more about how to volunteer to minister to kids in foster care. Maybe for you the premeditated passion you have is climate change, helping others find sobriety, making sure kids don’t go to bed hungry or helping marriages survive infidelity. Every moment you can learn about your purposeful passion and invest in a way to participate in this passion will counter-balance your stress tired and bring you into the best tired you will ever feel.

When you can invest in this kind of work either full time, side-hustle or a couple volunteer hours in the evening, you will find your days go faster because your heart is full. I promise you will still be tired. But, it will be your best tired, not your stressed tired.

Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Romans 12:11

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