When I was 4 years old, there were only a handful of tv shows for children.  This was in the days before Barney, Sesame Street or Sponge Bob.  Once a day during the week, however, I would run to the tv to watch Romper Room.  At the very end of the show, the host would use the magic mirror to look at the tv audience and say the names of children.  Of course, she couldn’t see them, but the day I heard the words “I see Lisa” I knew I was seen and felt like a million dollars.  

Truth be told, it’s the same feeling decades later.  There is something wearying about feeling invisible. Yet, there is something bolstering about being seen, acknowledged and known. 

We are days before Christmas and perhaps you’re feeling invisible to….

🎄the boss who has no idea how many hours you’ve poured into the project due this week.

🎄the spouse that seems unresponsive to the amount of work it takes to do Christmas.

🎄the kids who are amped on sugar and won’t fully appreciate all you’ve created for them at school parties, secret Santa’s and reindeer tracks in the yard until they grow up. 

Let this post be an awareness that you are seen, treasured and valued.  Genesis 16 tells the story of Hagar, who felt outcast and invisible when God creates an encounter that gave her divine affirmation.  “She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”  

God sees your hard work, your fatigue, your perseverance and your heart.  ❤️ Let that truth energize you in your holiday shopping, wrapping, baking and preparing. 

Merry Christmas

Romper Room

Late 1960s
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  1. Really needed this.
    El Roi sees me. When everyone else does not appreciate me or see me, He does. thank you for the reminder.

    1. Linda, you are seen, treasured and valuable. When it feels like no one else sees or appreciates, you are right … El Roi is the God who sees you. Merry Christmas.

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