As we start July, I think all things summer. Watermelon. Steamy mornings and evenings. Backyard grilling. And, of course, friends and family traveling until school begins again.

With all the summer travel, it’s often hard to remain connected to family, neighbors, church family and friends. Years ago, in my Bible study, I was introduced to the concept of prayer triggers as a way to be reminded to pray for those who gathered in our Tuesday Bible circle.

Everyone selects one image that represents themselves. When others see that image throughout the week, it is a reminder to pray for that person. Laura’s was a dolphin. Tonya’s was a red Camry. Marilynne’s was a bunny. Mine was/IS leopard :). You would be surprised how many dolphins, bunnies and red Camry’s I saw each week, all because I was triggered to see them and pray for my friends.

One day I had my mentor text me and say “wow, I’m at the department store and there is leopard everywhere! I’m praying for you.” It was a particularly hard day and God had triggered her to pray.

As we all head our different directions for summer, why not implement this practice by asking those around you to select a prayer trigger to keep you connected throughout the summer (and well into the years ahead). That Bible study I reference above was almost 10 years ago. However, those prayer triggers still remind me to pray for those women that I rarely see a decade later. Just this week as I left at “0 dark 30” to teach pilates, I saw several bunnies and was reminded to pray for Marilynne.

Prayer is the most amazing way to stay connected.

I would be happy to pray for you if you would leave your prayer trigger in the comments~ Happy Summer!

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