From time to time we find ourselves stuck.  It could be we are in a rut with our career, our health or even in a relationship.  Below are 4 things that will help you get out of your rut and move forward:  PONDER, PLAN, PREDICT and PARTY.

1.  PONDER – Be Specific.  What is it that you want to see happen?  Think about the result you want to see.  Perhaps you want to become a better writer.  As you ponder developing your writing skills, rather than just say “I want to learn to write better”, be specific and say “I want to take a writing class” or “I want to join a writer’s critique group”.

2.  PLAN – I love the saying “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”.  As you PLAN to be a better writer, this is when you sign up for a class at your local community college or register online for a writer’s training program. Now you have a plan and some skin in the game for actually becoming a better writer.

3.  PREDICT – As with any goal we want to reach, there will be obstacles.  Take some time to try to predict “what are possible obstacles ahead that will keep you from your goals?”  Obstacles to becoming a better writer could be:  Not carving out the time to write or attend a class; Not having a way to express my writing like a blog, article or topic.

4.  PARTY – You are more likely to become unstuck and move forward if you let someone else know about your desires and then celebrate with them.  The first celebration is that you are making this a priority in your life.  Ask another person to party along with you in this commitment and help hold you accountable to keep moving forward.  After you attend your first class or write your first chapter, party and celebrate with this person to treat yourself to a “well done” along the way.

Now it’s your turn.  Perhaps for you it’s weight-loss, career development, organizing your home or even getting to bed on time for more rest.  What are your goals and how can the 4 P’s above help you reach them?  If you could add a “P” to our list above, what would it be and why?

**** If you are looking to invest in improving your writing, check out learning from Lysa TerKeurst, Glynnis Whitwer, amazing authors and my monthly coaching podcast.

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  1. HI, Lisa! Two more “P’s” need to be added and the order of them changed around a little bit.
    #1 should be “PRAY.”

    Praying first for His guidance always helps us understand that His goals for us are more important than our own goals. You know the old joke, right? How do you make God laugh? You tell Him your plans…hahahhahaaa, I love that one.

    And then there is #2: PREPARE for the evil one to try and mess things up while you pursue God’s plans. You don’t have to predict this will happen, because it will happen when you are working on something big for God’s Glory. And this is where PRAYER becomes a necessity and to ask for God’s protection. And we must be PREPARED to call on Jesus’ name when the evil does make things messy. Be PREPARED to be amazed when Jesus PREVAILS. Aren’t all these P words POSITIVE! (Sorry, couldn’t resist throwing in that last one! ;0) )

    Thank you, Lisa, so much, for being positively prudent and for providing provident wisdom. (okay, I must stop with the perfect P words, but it’s so much fun, isn’t it?!


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