Fools fold their hands and ruin themselves. Ecclesiastes 4:5

The word ruin is a strong word, isn’t it. We would never intentionally ruin any part of our lives. However, a reflective look at our habits could reveal that, if we continue on the direction our current habits are taking us, it could lean to ruin in some areas of life. For example:

Health – Is your cholesterol high? Your weight heading to the danger zone, your sugar intake tipping toward diabetes or your lack of exercise driving to heart issues? You can change your habits in order to avoid ruining your health.

Finances – Is poor planning causing you to overspend? Are you depending more on your credit cards than you are living within your means? Are you spending more than you make? Is your savings depleted or non-existent? You can change your habits in order to avoid ruining your finances.

Career – Are you silently resigned from your current role? Meaning you show up, but just check the boxes. Do you know you need more schooling or certification to get that advancement opportunity? Are you disengaged and avoiding a job search? You can change your habits in order to avoid ruining your career.

Spiritual Life – We all started the new year with a fresh journal, a “read through the Bible” plan and all the optimism that a fresh year ahead can provide. However, the reality is that we scroll instagram more than we scroll through God’s word. We engage on social media more than we pray. We absorb screens more that we visit the God of the universe. You can change your habits in order to avoid ruining your soul.

But, how? Here are 3 questions around your habits as you define each area you sense you might be headed toward ruin.

1. What action is missing that will create a U-turn FROM a habit leading to ruin TOWARD a habit of success? Example: Joining a gym for your health. Fasting from shopping for a month for finances. Having an advancement conversation with your boss to reengage and assess your career options. Removing all screens first thing in the morning in order to talk to God in prayer and listen to him through his word.

2. What habit is actually hindering you leading toward ruin? Name it then Re-Aim it. Example: I eat junk food in the evenings. (Name it) – I will have my family hide the junk food (or better yet remove it altogether) and I will keep cleaned and cut healthy veggies and fruits in the fridge. (Re-Aim it)

3. Who can I tell that will want me to succeed? Statistics show that writing a goal significantly improves your chances of meeting it, but telling a trusted friend about your goal increases the likelihood of succeeding even more. Who is someone who is for you and would want you to succeed in your new habit? Let them know you are doing a U-turn away from ruin and toward success.

I would love to be your #3 above. As a coach, I am passionate about connecting to you and helping your success. We don’t have to enter a formal relationship for me to send you a quick text of encouragement for your goals. Just comment below and I will reach out to you for your contact info so I can cheer you on from random habits that lead to ruin to strong goals that lead to a quality life.

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  1. Thank you for the reminders Lisa. I’ve been really down on myself because I haven’t been able to figure out how to attain my goals when it comes to my coaching business. A huge learning curve despite my certification.

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