As we start a new year, sometimes we face giants ahead of us that feel daunting. Perhaps it’s the new year intention you’ve been putting off that you are finally tackling. Maybe it’s that huge project or busy season at work. I find that as fresh as the new year feels, it always arrives with the giant of uncertainty. You can plan for what you know, but how do you slay the giant of the unknown?

Let’s review 1 Samuel Chapter 17. Take a moment to read it now. We find the giant, Goliath taunting the shepherd David. Here are 4 reminders from this chapter that will guide you as you face your own giant:

  1. 1 Sam. 17:28-29 You will have Nay Sayers. Negative Nellies. Discouragers. Haters. Sadly, for David, these were actually his brothers. It is important to get clear here about what God says about your situation. If you are seeking Him and being obedient to his direction, you can walk forward confidently in the midst of naysayers.
  2. 1 Sam. 17:37 David approaches his giant reminded of how his past had prepared him for this battle. He was rescued in the past from the paw of a lion and bear. The concept of remembering God’s faithfulness, protection and provision is woven all throughout scripture. Sit with God and let him remind you of past experiences that he will use to help you slay this giant.
  3. 1 Sam. 17:39-40. David used his own unique wiring to approach the battle ahead. Rather than copy the armor of Saul, he used 5 smooth stones. He wasn’t tempted to compare how others had battled, but used what he knew and had within his expertise to face Goliath. God has given you specific spiritual gifts, personalities and life experiences that will shape the way you slay your giant. Instead of being tempted to do it exactly like someone else, what can you see as your “5 smooth stones” that will slay your giant? Perhaps it is your charisma, your strategy, your mercy, your leadership, your discernment, your empathy or more.
  4. 1 Sam. 17:45 David battled NOT in his own strength, but in the strength of the Lord. Submit and commit this battle and this giant to the Lord. Confess your temptation and attempts to slay in your own strength and ask for supernatural empowerment of God.

What is your current giant? Too many responsibilities and too little hours in the day? An unreasonable boss or toxic work environment? Impossible marriage situation? Discouragement in a season of waiting? An illness ? When your giant arises this year, don’t be distracted by those who will say “you can’t”. Remember how the Lord has prepared and protected you in the past. Trust your skill, wiring and experiences rather than copying the way others battle their giants. Don’t buy into the temptation to compare battles. And, finally, obey God in the battle. Trade your limited strength for his abundant power.

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